Welcome to Couchbase Customer Support

This Couchbase Support Portal allows you to submit and view your cases.

Please note, Couchbase Customer Support is a paid-for service for current Enterprise Edition subscribing customers only. Support for Community Edition users is provided via the Couchbase Community Forums.

You can create your own web portal account by clicking "Sign Up". All employees with a valid @yourcompanydomain email address are entitled to open a support case via this web portal. We match the domain name of the email account to our records to determine if you have an active Enterprise Support Entitlement.

Once you are logged-in you can subscribe to our Announcements section below in order to receive email notifications of new product releases.

Here’s some useful links to get you started.

· Product Documentation : Read this before opening a support request.

· Working with the Couchbase Support Team : These instructions will help you jump-start your issue resolution by collecting relevant details, including how to collect log files and how to call the Support Hotline if you have a critical situation.

· Support Policy : If you would like to know more about our Subscription Tier SLAs and Product End-of-Life schedules please read this page.